DWM - Drawer Assembly Clamp

Ideal for custom and volume production runs, the DWM Drawer Master Assembly System offers the rugged construction and ease of set-up of high production machines at a fraction of the price.
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  • Assembles drawers with standard finger-type dovetails, sliding-type dovetails, bored and doweled drawers, and tongue & dado box joints
  • Is equipped with double acting air cylinders that can apply compression progressively, allowing for easy fitting of the bottom panel in the lateral grooves

The Progressive Compression Mode operates as a jog button. It offers the operator total control and flexibility in the execution of the assembly process.


  • Universal Drawer Box Clamp with fixed left jaw
  • Manually adjustable right hand jaw
  • Suitable for dovetail or dowel construction capacity
  • 10" height x 24" width x 36" length capacity
  • Available in 42" length capacity
  • An optional support stand allows you to assemble your drawers with the bottom plate on the topside of the clamp
  • The riser bar option also enables you to assemble drawers with lipped fronts. For 4"or 6" deep drawers
  • Support stand for bottom side assembly of drawer bottom plate
  • Support bracket to facilitate assembly of drawer box top member

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