October 05 2022

Complete Guide – DWM Drawer Assembly Clamp

Your business requires that you manufacture drawers occasionally or on regular basis, but not in mass production for sale? Are you using clamps to keep parts in place for assembly and would like to simplify things? The DWM Drawer Assembly Clamp from Doucet may be the right option to help you increase your production efficiency and obtain a more consistent end product.


I am Tim Rose, Territory Sales Manager at Doucet. During my career, I have advised hundreds of customers on many different types of machines.


In the following review, you’ll find all you need to know about the DWM.


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Who is the DWM made for (and not made for)?


The Doucet DWM is the ideal solution for a wide range of businesses in all fields with occasional or frequent drawer box production needs. It offers outstanding ease of maneuvering due to its easy to use and safe components.


The equipment is useful to increase the productivity of businesses that require drawer boxes for internal use or for small volume production. It is not recommended, however, for businesses that produce high-volume, mass-produced drawer boxes. For this specific use, there is specialized and automated equipment, which is also more expensive.


The DWM is especially relevant for those businesses who already have the equipment to machine the parts for the drawers. It is mainly designed to fix drawers made of wood and fiberboard.


Main sectors concerned :


The DWM can be used to assemble with standard finger-type dovetails, sliding-type dovetails, bored and doweled drawers, and tongue & dado box joints.


We invite you to consult the product web page or the brochure to learn more about the features and options of the DWM.



What are the problems/irritants/situations that lead the customer to purchase a DWM?


Difficult Assembly

Because drawers are usually made up of five parts: two sides, a front, a back and a bottom, more than one individual is needed to assemble them by hand. These people also have to work together to achieve a satisfying result, which can be time consuming.


The DWM minimizes this handling challenge by providing a semi-automatic working area where one operator can produce many drawers quickly and efficiently.


The need for a high standard of finish

By applying equal pressure on each side, the DWM produces a square box, which may not always be possible with hand assembling. This assures a good and consistent quality product.


Some businesses use clamps to assemble their boxes. The DWM again provides more speed, less handling, and a more consistent finished product.



What are the customer's main questions in the DWM purchase process?


Which sizes of clamp box are available?

Doucet has two basic sizes of DWM Assembly clamp, 36 and 42 inches wide. It is also possible to get the equipment in other sizes depending on the specific needs of the customer. At this point, it is important to schedule an appointment with our sales representatives to check on the possibility of making a custom DWM.


It is possible to get a DWM in various depths, according to the nature of the boxes to produce. The basic unit allows for a maximum depth of 10 inches and an optional 12-inch clamp is also available.


How do I efficiently glue the drawer bottoms with the DWM?

The DWM can optionally be equipped with lift bars to keep the drawer bottom at a certain height so it can be assembled upside down. This way, the bottom can be fixed to the wall in an efficient way with little handling. The lifting bars can be adjusted to the depth of the drawers produced for more accuracy.



Advantages and disadvantages



Ideal for custom and volume production runs, the DWM Drawer Master Assembly System offers the rugged construction and ease of set-up of high production machines at a fraction of the price. It is simple to use, efficient and low in cost. It is easily adaptable to various dimensions and the option of lifting bars allows the drawers to be assembled upside down if the fixing process so requires.


Made of sheet steel, the DWM has a rugged design and is extremely reliable. It is built with machined parts and securely fitted for impressive durability and low maintenance. It runs on air pressure (about 90 pounds of pressure). The DWM requires no power to run, so it has no electronics to fail.


The DWM has a two-button operation system, located on each side of the unit. This requires the user to press both buttons at the same time to operate the equipment. This simple but effective device helps to prevent a worker from getting a hand crushed while clamping the parts in place.



The DWM also distinguishes itself by its ergonomic design. The equipment is inclined for easy use and the height can be adjusted so operators can work on it without bending over or standing on their tiptoes.




The use of the DWM does require certain manipulations which make it not beneficial for a business producing a large volume of drawers. It is not adapted to mass productions.



Comparisons with other possible options?

The DWM is one of the best products on the market. It is positioned advantageously by its quality of design and ease of use as well as its very competitive price.





The factor affecting the total cost:

The main factor influencing the DWM's price is its dimension. The least expensive equipment is the 36-inch width. If you opt for a DWM with 42" or more (it is possible to go up to 60"), the cost is obviously higher.


The sub-factor that may impact the cost:

The addition of options, like lift bars to assemble the drawer boxes upside down, will also impact the final DWM price.


Are there installation and training costs?



Is there a shipping charge?



Is there any maintenance fee?

There are practically no maintenance fees for the DWM.  The equipment has no parts that may wear out and need to be replaced. Some of the moving parts may need occasional lubrication.





If wood and/or fiberboard drawer box assembly is part of one of your production operations, chances are the DWM will be an attractive business investment for you. It will certainly help increase productivity, as well as assure compliance and consistency of finished products.


In my experience of working with businesses like yours, I can tell you that it provides an interesting return on your investment, in addition to savings in human resources.


The Doucet DWM is a rugged, durable and user-friendly equipment. It is low maintenance and will provide long-term use in the business.


The DWM is the most ergonomic and safe to use as it is equipped with an operation device that requires the pressure of two hands simultaneously. This prevents dramatic errors in use.


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Tim Rose
Tim Rose
Regional Sales Manager