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BTRS for Rip Saws

The Doucet BTRS Return is specially designed for use with Straight Line Rip Saws and Gang Rip Saws. They are available in four models BTRS-68, 69, 70 and 71, featuring various widths and lengths of receiving and return rollers, to suit most ripping applications.

  • Operating Principle: Upon detection of the end of board, the receiving rollers retract and the board is carried to the return rollers by the transfer belts.
  • The receiving and return conveyor is adjustable 40 to 120 feet per minute.
  • The belt transfer speed is fixed at 180 feet per minute.
  • BTRS-69 and BTRS-70 feature canted return rollers.
  • individually driven high quality PVC rollers
  • a 5 feet long receiving conveyor
  • a perpendicular belt transfer with a vertical movement, actuated by a pneumatic cylinder
  • motorized return rollers of varying widths and lengths


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