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SPFM High Production End-Matcher

You can choose from a full range of available options

  • Feed conveyor extension for cut-off saws or feed stations
  • "Soft touch" hold-downs for pre-finished flooring
  • "Open end-matching" stations
  • Automatic Positioner: it reads marks placed on the part (by printer or manual placement) and mechanically positions the part correctly and precisely in front of the trim saw blades
  • Upstream and downstream material handling systems
  • 25 HP variable drive electric motor
  • Traverse bar spacing 6 or 12 inched on center
  • Even-ended roller to accommodate up to 10 foot long material
  • Tooling system for regular or beveled top end-matching
  • Custom scoring and micro-bevel attachments
  • Front exit system, grading and nesting stations
  • Jump Scoring Saw - tongue machining center: a jump scoring saw to prevent tear out on the top front corner on tongue side, powered by trim saw motor - applies to square top or micro-bevel

  • Jump Scoring Saw - groove machining center: a jump scoring saw to prevent tear out at the intersection of rear groove and end groove, powered by a 1 HP motor

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