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SRM Manual Clamp Carrier

Built around a sturdy tubular steel frame, the Doucet SRM Manual Clamp Carrier is entirely modular, allowing an easy upgrade to the SRX or SRH (Hydraulically Powered Clamp Carrier) model as your production needs grow.

The carrier is equipped with a front rest, and anti-backup device and is offered with the same clamps as the hydraulically powered unit. Doucet clamps are the sturdiest and the heaviest in the industry. They are made of welded steel channels 2" X 1" on both sides, a stationary front jaw and a mobile rear jaw. The clamps slide across the section's support bracket for an easy adjustment to your panel width.

DOUCET SRM Clamp Carrier widths are 6.5, and 8.5 feet and are available in 6 or 8 section configurations

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