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New Product at the IWF - Doucet EZYPAC 200 Automated Nesting Module

Among the novelties at the IWF Show, Doucet will hold live demonstrations of its EZYPAC 200, a Fully Automated Floor Nesting Station, fulfilling the most labor intensive task in any flooring mill.

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EZYPAC 200 Automated Nesting Module

Derived from the large scale integrated system, the EZYPAC 200 is offered as modular stations designed to handle your high volume grades automatically:

  • Each station handles one grade
  • Picks and places approximately 25 boards per minute
  • Packaged in a surprisingly small footprint
  • Single and Multiple EZYPAC 200 Nesters can be combined with manned EZYPAC 100 Ergonomic Nesting System, handling low volume grades and overflow

The EZYPAC 200 features:

  • Dedicated infeed conveyor to the vertical board charger
  • 3-axis linear positioner forming rows by placing boards end-to-end
  • Up to 9 rows can be formed simultaneously
  • "Accu Sizer" software tabulating row, panel and bundle footage
  • Quick step row even-ender
  • Automatic panel and bundle former
  • Optional hand-off to an automatic banding module.
  • Break the nesting productivity barrier while keeping a close tab on bundle square footage.

Come visit Doucet Machineries at booth # 7021 for a live demonstration.

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