March 06 2024

Complete Guide - GANTRYX

Material handling is a task that requires a great deal of time, precision, strength, and endurance. If your company is looking to automate the processes of stacking, destacking, sorting, and orienting panels or boards, then acquiring a stacker/destacker like the GANTRYX is an interesting option.


The GANTRYX's compatibility with other Doucet equipment makes it a versatile tool for automating your operations and optimizing your production rate. Fast and precise, the GANTRYX is also safe and easy to operate. Very ergonomic, this equipment also takes up less floor space than other similar stacker/destacker models.


My name is Mario Asselin, Technical Director at Doucet. With a long and experienced career behind me, I have specialized in the field of automated gluing systems for several years. Always pushing technology further to the benefit of manufacturers, I am driven by the desire to find the best equipment or the best combination of equipment to help you optimize your production efforts and convert them into concrete results!


The purpose of this guide is to facilitate your decision-making by answering, in all transparency, your main questions about the GANTRYX.




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Product description

The GANTRYX is an automatic stacker/destacker. Equipped with an articulated arm with vacuum/mechanical grip, this equipment allows stacking and unstacking, as well as orientation and sorting of materials and parts of various dimensions. Combined with your moulder, your sander, or any other equipment, the GANTRYX offers the possibility of automating material handling, both at the input and output. Depending on the chosen options, the machine can direct materials to the next production stage or stack the finished product on a pallet, for example.


To view all the specifications, features, and options of this manipulator, please refer to the GANTRYX technical data sheet.



For whom is the GANTRYX made for?

Companies with needs in panel or board handling—furniture manufacturers, cabinet door manufacturers, or staircase step manufacturers, for example—will find a valuable ally in the GANTRYX. Provided, of course, that they have a sufficiently high production level to amortize the investment for acquiring this equipment.


Advantages of the GANTRYX


Let's be honest, labor is becoming increasingly scarce. This is particularly the case for positions involving repetitive tasks with low added value, such as manual material handling. With the GANTRYX, this problem is no longer an issue, as the equipment takes care of lifting, moving, and stacking or unstacking loads automatically through mechanical action.



The operator's role is then limited to ensuring the proper functioning of the production line, which also helps eliminate the risks of accidents or injuries inherent in lifting loads and handling materials.



As it handles material handling both at the input and output, the GANTRYX ensures unmatched speed, precision, and consistency. Paired with other complementary equipment, the GANTRYX can automatically or semi-automatically feed your production cell by directing materials to the next operation required for your manufacturing process.


Comparaisons between the stacker/destacker GANTRYX and MANYX?

The GANTRYX and the MANYX are two models of automatic stackers/destackers in the same price range and catering to similar handling needs. However, both equipment offers different advantages and therefore meet specific production requirements.


Unlike the MANYX, the GANTRYX is a relatively compact human-sized machine, requiring less floor space. The equipment is thus less intimidating for the operator, besides being easier to use and quieter. However, the load capacity and dimensions of the parts that can be maneuvered are somewhat smaller with the GANTRYX, although this does not mean it may not suit your production needs.


Nevertheless, the main strength of the GANTRYX manipulator lies in its speed and high precision. Its versatility in handling different types of materials is also appreciated.

To view all the specifications, features, and options of the MANYX stacker/destacker, please refer to the equipment's technical data sheet.


The competition : what do they have to offer?

Doucet is not the only company offering stackers/destackers like the GANTRYX. Continuously at the forefront in this sector, some European suppliers notably offer interesting equipment, albeit at a higher cost. However, delivery times, customer service, and the ability to quickly obtain spare parts often suffer from the distance between these suppliers and your company.


What art the customer’s main questions in their buying process


What flexibility does the articulated arm of the equipment offer?

The GANTRYX features an articulated arm with a vacuum gripper or mechanical clamp capable of vertical translation of 40 inches, horizontal translation of 24 feet, and rotation of less than 90 degrees up to over 180 degrees.


What is the speed of the GANTRYX stacker/destacker?

Powered by servo motors, the GANTRYX provides both speed and precision. The equipment offers unmatched performance in the market, with a speed of up to 12 cycles per minute.

However, the speed of the equipment is dependent on the following variables:


Is the GANTRYX compatible with other equipment?

Yes! Here are some possible integrations:


You may have two GANTRYX | Watch it in action!


What are the costs for the GANTRYX?

What is the base price of the GANTRYX?

Between $150,000 and $200,000 depending on your needs, which will be evaluated based on 4 key factors:


What factors impact the total price?

Several parameters determine the cost of your GANTRYX, including:


What is the installation time?

An interruption in production should be expected during the installation of a GANTRYX if it needs to be installed on an existing line. Depending on the complexity of the project, between 1 and 3 weeks should be allocated for the installation of the GANTRYX, system startup, training, and final adjustments.


It is common for this type of installation to revisit the client a month later to conduct an equipment performance assessment and make programming modifications to optimize the sequence. During the break-in period, the team of technicians conducts a series of tests to ensure that the equipment is functioning properly and is well integrated into the client's production.


Are there installation fees?

Installation fees do apply when the GANTRYX is combined with other equipment. The GANTRYX is often purchased simultaneously with other new Doucet equipment and is then delivered as a project.


Maintenance fees: This equipment requires basic maintenance (cleaning) facilitated by the machine's simple mechanism.


Warranty: 1 year, parts and labor.



At first glance, the GANTRYX may appear as a significant purchase, but it is indeed a profitable and cost-effective investment! The performance statistics of this stacker/destacker are clear about the tangible benefits of adding a GANTRYX to automate your production cell.


Its flawless mechanics combined with its ergonomics and simple operation place the GANTRYX at the top of the line in the field of handling equipment.


However, the strength of Doucet equipment, including the GANTRYX stacker/destacker, lies in their ability to integrate effectively into your production cell to further optimize your manufacturing processes.


In any case, it is best to contact a Doucet expert to determine which equipment is most suitable for your business based on your operational reality.


If you have any questions regarding this article or if you would like more information about this equipment, please feel free to contact us now.


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