January 25 2023

Complete Guide - AGS Automatic Gluing System

The newly released AGS (Automatic Gluing System) is designed for use by owners, production managers or project managers in panel, doors, cabinets doors or staircase companies that already have a glue applicator or are planning to purchase one.


It is of particular interest to forward-thinking decision-makers looking for ways to not only increase the efficiency of their gluing process, but also reduce the clean-up effort generated by the excess glue generated by roller glue applicators.


If you're in the panel gluing business, chances are the new AGS is going to change your life, but before making that purchase, you’ll certainly need to validate several things. You'll want to learn more about the product, its features and limitations, and the equipment's performance potential, as well as the return on your investment. You will also want to know the acquisition cost, as well as the other expenses that could be associated to the purchase and the operation of the unit.


I am Mario Asselin, Technical Director at Doucet. Throughout my long career, I have been working with several manufacturing companies to evaluate their needs and to develop custom solutions to optimize their performance. For the past few years, I have been specialized in automated gluing systems, pushing the technology even further in order to put it to the benefit of the manufacturers.


The objective of this paper is to present objectively the features of the AGS so you can determine if this product suits to your needs and what are the options that will enhance your production.


Enjoy reading it!






Who is the Automatic Gluing System made for?

The AGS was specifically designed for wood panel, doors, cabinet doors and staircase manufacturing businesses. It efficiently fits in production chains that require the gluing of parts or sections to obtain a finished product.


The businesses that would benefit the most from acquiring an AGS are the ones who either own a glue applicator or are in the process of buying one and are seeking to automate their production process, particularly in a labour shortage context.


The Automatic Gluing System is particularly well suited for companies who understand that it is not only possible to save money by using the right amount of glue when manufacturing panels, but that it is also beneficial for businesses to reduce glue overflow in the manufacturing process. These overflows require a lot of time and effort to clean up and maintenance, and this is a non-value-added task that the workers do not want to accomplish.


In concrete term, this avoids putting sawdust or sticks between every panel when stacking, offers a shorter drying time before next operation, practically eliminate the need to clean the clamps and give a longer life to the cutting/abrasive tools in the following operations (planer, sandblaster, moulder). It also allows the automation of the stacking and unstacking operations as there are no more sticks between panels.


For those who need to, the AGS Automatic Gluing System allows the production of dry joints when there are more than one panel in the pressing.

If this equipment can improve a business' production significantly, the manufacturers with a high volume of production will however be tempted to go for the ALYX Automatic Loader, which can handle a higher volume of panels.


 Description and technical characteristics

Doucet's AGS Automatic Glue System can be installed in an already existing glue application system or can be integrated in a new Clamp Carriers, model SRX with an RT100.


The AGS200 model also available is different from the basic AGS100 model in that its accumulating roller conveyor has been replaced by a panel forming area of 5 track chains where pieces exiting the glue applicator are aligned at one end and offset laterally to form a panel load.


To find out more about the options that are available, the exact features and the specifications, see the data sheet here.




Advantages and disadvantages of the Automatic Gluing System







Which are the main questions the customer has during the buying process?


Given the innovative aspect of the AGS in the amount of glue it uses, one of the first concerns of the customer will be whether there will be enough glue to make a solid bond.

The extrusion device integrated in the applicator has been in use in the field of jointing for many years and has a good record of accuracy. The UV additive in the glue and the UV sensor in the applicator detect if there has been a gap in the application process. This optional feature can be especially helpful in cases where the tank is nearly empty, and the glue flow is not sufficient. It is possible to also add an extra option to mark the parts that have not been properly glued.


Is this equipment compatible with other glue application systems other than the SRX model designed by Doucet?

The AGS can easily be integrated to any equipment, not just the ones designed by Doucet. The AGS is however able to fit the various options of the SRX or the RT100 to maximize the performance of the production line.


How capable and efficient is the AGS Automatic Gluing System?

The output of the applicator is tied to the work cell settings. We can assume the average output is around one part per 3 seconds.


 Which factor influence the total cost of an AGS?









Designed in response to a problem that is common in the field, Doucet's AGS literally revolutionized the industry by minimizing the amount of glue used in different applications, making the working area cleaner and more enjoyable at the same time.


Excess glue, when conventionally applied, from different panels inevitably ends up on the equipment, on the gloves and on the floor, which requires many hours of cleaning, scrubbing, and wiping.


In addition to allowing a saving in glue consumption, the applicator also makes the workers' tasks easier and eliminates the time required for clean-up. In a labour shortage context, it is crucial for businesses to invest in the automation of their installations and the optimization of production process. This equipment fits right in with this approach since it allows them to cut down on manual handling and, at the same time, to improve the workers' lives.


The advantages of the AGS are undeniable, but before making such an acquisition, you will want to analyze carefully what you need to take an enlightened choice of the equipment and options that best suit your reality.


To obtain the best possible solution at the right price and maximize the return on investment, you should consult one of Doucet's experts. Beyond the automatic glue system, the expert will provide a precise diagnostic of the operation and suggest ways to improve performance.


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