January 25 2023

Complete Guide – NWR Clamp Rack

You are in the field of wood transformation, and want to make it easier to glue panels?


This article is for you!


The Doucet NRW clamp rack is a must for smaller woodworking shops and custom furniture makers. In fact, we've been producing it for more than three decades!


I'm Tim Rose, Regional Sales Manager, and over the course of my career I've advised hundreds of clients on numerous types of machines. In this article, I'll tell you more about why the NWR could be a good fit for you.



Product description

The NWR clamp rack is a user-friendly tool that is designed to meet the panel gluing needs of the professional woodworker.


Discover all the specifications in addition to the different options of the NWR on the Website or by downloading the brochure.



Who is the NWR made for?

The NWR clamp rack is a useful tool for all woodworkers and cabinet makers. We have clients that use this equipment for gluing doors on cabinets, butcher blocks, work desk panels, guitars, and more!



The primary use of this equipment and the benefit to the client of using it rather than another equipment

Easy to use, reliable, and requiring no additional equipment to operate, no air or power, the NWR is an anytime clamp that facilitates the joining of wooden panels.


The basic NWR model features 4 gluing levels and 12 clamps allowing you to join multiple panels at once. You can select a "T" shaped handle or a butterfly type of nut.


For larger clamping needs, the NWRE, a modular extension system, allows to double the length and the number of clamps (NWRE6: 6' and 12 clamps, NWRE8: 8' and 16 clamps).


The clamps can be moved into different positions with very little effort.


The NWR can be installed either along a wall or centrally, allowing the use of the clamps on both sides of the equipment.


An operator can easily free up valuable floor room by placing the clamps in a vertical position when not being used.




The main factors affecting the total price of the NWR are the length and the number of desired clamps.


The NWR cost ranges between $3,000 and $10,000 based on the number of modular NWRE extensions (multiple 6- or 8-foot length, up to a maximum of 24 foot) and clamps (8, 12 or 16).


As the equipment uses a mechanical force, there are no extra charges for the electrical or air system installation, just the delivery charges.


Note that an adapter for a pneumatic clamp tool can also be added to the NWR for about $500.




The NWR clamp rack is certainly the best choice for the assembling and gluing of multiple panels at the same time.


The different options offered make it easy to obtain a clamp adapted to the needs of the production.


For a more accurate view of the NWR, please see the Video Clip and do not hesitate to contact us.




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