January 25 2023

Complete Guide - Air Table

You are in the field of wood transformation and are looking for new equipment to facilitate the handling of large panels while fitting to your installations?

Doucet has just the equipment you are looking for: an Air Table!


The Air Table is regularly sold as an add-on to customers who are already using Doucet equipment such as the Return Conveyor. Once the table is installed, the handling process is simpler and more user friendly.


I am Tim Rose, Regional Sales Manager and I have been in the Wood Processing Equipment business for over 30 years. Having advised many clients in the field, I can tell you that an Air Table can truly improve the ergonomics of the operating cell. Here are the reasons why.



Product Description

The Air Table was designed to make handling panels easy by lifting them on an air cushion. It can be used between an edgebander and a return conveyor, at the exit of a panel saw, or anywhere else where handling of large or heavy components is required.


To find out more about the Air Table's features and options, please see the Website or the brochure.




Who is the Air Table made for?

The Air Table is helpful in businesses that must handle large and heavy panels. It allows for simple handling without the danger of causing injury to the operators.


The option of vertical stroke makes the job easier than ever. With just a simple push of the foot pedal, the Air Table can be lifted by the operator to transfer a panel from one equipment to the next at different working heights.



The primary use of this equipment and the benefits

In addition to the ergonomic and convenient aspect of this equipment, we note its adaptability. The standard size of the Air Table is usually a square or rectangular. The Doucet Air Table can also be custom designed in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit specific needs.




The main factors affecting the total cost of the Air Table are the length, the shape, and the addition of the vertical stroke feature.


The cost of a standard Air Table, square or rectangular, is about $10,000. While the cost of a larger table, with irregular shape and elevation device, can go up to $20,000.


Installation and delivery fees are to be expected.




The Air Table is a smart move to facilitate the handling of large and heavy parts. The operators will appreciate the ease of use and the prevention of serious physical injuries.


For a more accurate view of the Air Table, please see the Video and do not hesitate to contact us.




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Tim Rose
Regional Sales Manager