April 06 2022

Complete Guide - MANYX – Stacker / Destacker

Are you searching for operators to feed your production lines? You've posted your job offer and you're still waiting for applications. Manpower is a scarce commodity and it is a challenge for the productivity of your plant. Designed to handle all types of parts at the entrance and exit of a production line, the stacker / destacker will save you time, money and benefits. A production cell that is dedicated to a particular product will be more profitable with a constant production and your orders will be shipped to the customer much faster.


This complete guide provides solutions to productivity, workplace health and safety, and labor issues. It will help you determine the type of stacker / destacker for your situation. You'll learn about its benefits, features, capabilities, cost of ownership, and get an overview of what's available on the market.


During my 25 years in the secondary wood processing industry, I have had many discussions with customers. In these discussions, it is clear that several factors can greatly improve your production cells.

Let's take a look at how simple it is for a stacker / destacker such as the MANYX to perform the tasks.





Do you have the buyer profile?


Let's be clear, if you handle parts, the stacker / destacker is a basic tool that will complement your production equipment. It is used for wood, plastic and composite at the entrance and/or exit of your production cell for a batch of the same product. If you are looking for consistency on your automated or semi-automated production lines such as a molding, painting or sanding line, the MANYX will act according to the rate. It will allow you to optimize the work shifts and to get the production out, for example, on only one work shift or instead of two.




What are the advantages of a stacker/destacker like the MANYX?


A direct gain in productivity

The key words are consistency and capacity, these are the factors that offer an increase in your productivity: The stacker/destacker dictates the rate of the production line, which will have an optimal feed according to the production speed. On the other hand, an operator will not be able to keep a constant speed and rate, and, in certain cases, the production line can be stopped; among other things, a part can have slipped from the hands of your operator. Consider that the reduction in material breakage is also a gain. At the stacking stage, the finished product will be stacked straight and within the parameters.


An economy of manpower

The reality today is that manpower is becoming increasingly scarce and automation, in addition to being a solution, offers consistency to production. Process automation consists of transferring certain repetitive (low value-added) tasks performed manually to another action in your production line, because the more automated the system, the greater the production capacity.


Health and safety at work

Any load, lifting, moving of materials generates processes for health and safety at work. With a stacker/destacker, there is no load to handle. The parts are picked up and moved by the stacker/destacker in the production line. The operator's role is to ensure the proper running of the production line.


Is the MANYX compatible with your production line?


Example of production lines:


Yes, it is compatible with all equipment that requires a feed. Again, it is a question of speed and productivity gain. By automating your production line, you will have an optimal output.  In fact, the key is to evaluate your production capacity and to have a complete solution in order to have control over all the elements that influence production and to reach a 4.0 production line objective.


What is the return on investment (ROI) of the stacker/destacker?


The gains are mainly on manpower costs and production efficiency. Usually you will need 4 people to do the MANYX job. With a stacker at the exit and a destacker at the entrance you will need only one operator!

Later in the article I will detail the costs of acquiring a MANYX.


Here are the criteria and impacts:


Product description


The MANYX stacker/destacker is used to automatically load boards or panels into various types of equipment such as moulders, planers, machining centers or optimization lines.

Depending on the load to be transported, the beam and carriage will be customized.


Consult its technical characteristics.




How much does cost a stacker/destacker and what are the factors that impact the price?


A MANYX ranges from $125,000 to $200,000.


The factors to consider according to your needs will determine the cost of your MANYX, we will need to know: 


If I had to make a choice, is it better to choose a destacker or a stacker?


If your budget is limited and you have to make a choice, I suggest to focus on the entrance of your production cell to install a destacker, it will dictate the pace and feed the production line not only one part at a time, but the entire row. By installing a stacker at the exit, it will pick up and segment your parts into batches, in addition to replacing an operator, it also offers the possibility to send the parts to another destination. Also, in most cases, a destacker project is often less expensive than a stacker project.


What questions are frequently asked during the purchasing process?


Do I have the room for this equipment?

This is an excellent question since this machinery could indeed take up more space on the floor. I will be able to advise you with a detailed plan of your installation, photos and the different measurements required. If needed, we can also come on site.


Are there other equipment options for this type of maneuver?


There are robots on the market that perform this type of maneuver. They have several angles and are cheaper to buy.  However, when in use, the robot requires a computer programmer to provide the instructions to be performed. Each command requires programming, the use is often complex and difficult.


In the past, the technology used was decanters and unscramblers. It is still possible to buy used or new. It is an outdated type of machinery that is limited in its execution and that can damage your products. It also generates noise when the row of boards falls while presenting blocking and safety issues for the employee.


Does the MANYX require programming?

The MANYX does not require any programming; it is equipped with a simple console that provides the various parameters necessary for operation.




What are similar products on the market?


Other suppliers offer stackers and destackers, including our European colleagues who are always at the forefront of the industry. The cost of this equipment is expensive, the delivery times are extremely long and transportation fees are extra. It is also difficult to obtain customer support during business hours in North America and to purchase replacement parts.


You have now solved your manpower problems and are able to increase your production objectives! This purchase is a real asset, the results do not lie, the automation of your production cell gains in benefits and relieves a lot of hassle.


See the MANYX in action 👇


You might tell me; "This solution would be beneficial for us, but I had rather have a budget for a machine-tool and not for an optimization handling equipment". I fully understand your situation, you have to consider your priorities, but unfortunately, I don't have the whole picture of your company. One fact I can confirm is that the implementation of MANYX at our customers' sites has significantly improved their productivity and provided value in the production line process, in addition to simplifying human resources.

Contact us, and our sales team will be pleased to guide you and clarify your needs and confirm your potential productivity.


What's next?

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