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1 year warranty

The Automatic Stick Stacker model EMP is built to be adapted to all tilt hoist systems with or without stick conveyor. It comes in three different sizes for sticks of 4', 6' or 8' long.

The Automatic Stick Stacker has the capacity to sort broken sticks which are too short. Only full length sticks are stacked into the steel reserve cart. A red light signals the forklift operator that the reserve cart must be replaced. A simple push button command will reset the stick stacker operation.

  • Stick length capacity: 4', 6' or 8' long
  • Sticks are stacked in a reserve cart mounted on casters (one is supplied with the machine)
  • Reserve cart dimensions are adapted to stick length
  • Includes a chute to withdraw broken sticks
  • Electrical control panel on 220, 440 or 600 volts
  • Additional reserve cart
  • A 12" wide by 24' long conveyor with steel side panels to transfer sticks from the stacker to the tilt hoist
  • Custom adaptation of stick stacker to customer's reserve carts