End-Press - Pressure Cylinder End-Press - Pressure Cylinder
End-Press - Pressure Pad End-Press - Pressure Pad
End-Press - Pneumatic Stopper Outfeed End-Press - Pneumatic Stopper Outfeed
1 year warranty
  • The End-Press is an infinite length press type that assembles glued blanks into an endless length of material that will be cut off to the desired finish length. Once the glued blanks have been assembled into longer lengths and cured long enough to safely handle, they must usually be cut to a finished length. An undercut saw after the assembly press and to cut to length as the material leaves the press. As the finished cut to length product leaves the cut off saw, it can either be immediately hand stacked onto carts and pallets or it can be automatically moved over onto an accumulation deck or transfer chain.
  • Capacity of 2'' x 8'' x endless length (36'' to 120'' blank capacity)
  • Digital read out on infeed and outfeed tables
  • Material Handling (shaper station to press station)
    • 18" x 48" Steel work table
    • 10' Powered belt conveyor w/adjustable legs
    • Pair 10' roller conveyor w/adjustable legs
  • Glue Systems
    • Hand Held pressurized glue system with glue stand
    • Powered (profiled) glue roll applicator
    • Semi-automatic glue applicator
  • End Pro Assembly Press
    • With or without 14" cut off saw
  • Material Handling (after press)
    • 10' Rail w/transfer onto 10' x 10' accumulation deck
    • 20' Rail w/transfer onto 20' x 10' accumulation deck