DJ-250 - Conveyor DJ-250 - Conveyor
DJ-250 - Fingers Cutting Zone DJ-250 - Fingers Cutting Zone
DJ-250 - Cutting Tool DJ-250 - Cutting Tool
1 year warranty

DJ-250 Fingerjointing Line for Long Stock, Studs, I-Beam Flanges and Edge Laminated/Fingerjointed Solid Wood Sections.

  • A double end fingerjointer for long stock - 12" to 60", with traverse bars on 9" or 12" centers, a semi-automatic lug loader, a fully automatic corner and an automatic assembly press capable of producing up to 250 linear feet per minute of studs, flanges and other fingerjointed solid wood sections.
    • Lug Speed up to 110 pieces per minute
    • Output up to 250 feet per minute
    • Block length 12" to 60"
    • Finished length up to 40'
  • Automatic Positioner: it reads marks placed on the part (by printer or manual placement) and mechanically positions the part correctly and precisely in front of the trim saw blades
  • Custom configurations available upon request