PFM - Soft Touch Hold Down PFM - Soft Touch Hold Down
PFM - Roller Conveyor PFM - Roller Conveyor
PFM - Even Ender PFM - Even Ender
1 year warranty

The End-Matcher model PFM is designed to meet the squareness requirements of premium quality wide board flooring makers. Perfectly suited for producing a wide variety of product species and sizes, the PFM model incorporates many technical improvements that will reduce time and simplify changeover procedures between production runs.


  • 25 feet long by 5 feet wide feed conveyor
  • Traverse bars mounted on two ductile iron chains
  • 12 inches bar spacing on centers to accommodates boards 1.75 to 8.25 inches wide
  • 24 inches wide transfer, alignment and outfeed conveyors
  • Even-ended rollers for 7' to 8' long boards
  • 0.375 to 0.75 inch thickness capacity
  • A 10 HP variable speed main drive up to 60 feet per minute
  • Five 3 HP machining motors
  • Totally enclosed tongue and groove machining centers laid out on opposite sides of the feed conveyor and equipped with interlocked doors for operator protection
  • Dust collectors on lower side of machining centers
  • Automatic chain oilers

For more specifications, see the brochure.

  • Traverse bar spacing 6 or 9 inches on center
  • Traverse bar conveyor extension 6 feet long for two cut-off saws
  • Traverse bar conveyor extension 11 feet long for three cut-off saws
  • "Soft touch" hold-downs system for pre-vanished materiel
  • Tooling for micro bevel
  • Jump Scoring Saw - tongue machining center: a jump scoring saw to prevent tear out on the top front corner on tongue side, powered by trim saw motor - applies to square top or micro-bevel
  • Jump Scoring Saw - groove machining center: a jump scoring saw to prevent tear out at the intersection of rear groove and end groove, powered by a 1 HP motor