GS2 Spreader Roller GS2 Spreader Roller
Pressure roller,  non-motorized Pressure roller, non-motorized
Glue Conveyor with Dual Glue Applicator Glue Conveyor with Dual Glue Applicator
1 year warranty

The GS2 Glue Conveyor features a mild angle iron infeed conveyor, a stainless steel glue roller and a stainless steel angle iron outfeed conveyor.


  • Standard size: 13" x 16'
  • Motor: ¾ HP, 3 Phase, 220, 440 or 600 Volts
  • Material Feed Speed: 60 feet per minute
  • Reservoir: stainless steel with lid, can be removed for cleaning and maintenance
  • The infeed and outfeed conveyors are both 8' long
  • Conveyor length extension: in 2 feet increments
  • 20" or 30" conveyor width
  • Non-motorized pressure roller
  • Overhead return: non-motorized conveyor
  • Electric glue pump
  • Top pressure roller