Double Actuated Flattener Double Actuated Flattener
Safety Cushions Safety Cushions
RT100 Operator Interface RT100 Operator Interface
1 year warranty
  • The ROBOTIC OPERATOR - model RT100 allows you to boost the productivity of your panel assembly operations while keeping your labor costs under control and an optimized cycle time.
  • The RT100 includes the most advanced design features for precision assembly, flawless task execution and utmost dependability.
  • The RT100 features a movable carriage with a pneumatic panel flattener to flatten panels. It also includes a rotary tool for tightening and untightening. Quick and accurate movement of the carriage is made possible by a powered rack and pinion linear rail.
  • With employee safety at the heart of our concerns, the RT100 is equipped with two safety cushions with an emergency device that stops in case of contact with the employee.
  • It is available as a modular upgrade on your existing clamp carrier or as part of a new SRX Clamp Carrier.
  • Pre-tightening cycle at lower pressure than setting pressure
  • Operator Interface features:
    • Program special clamping sequences with saving capabilities
    • Setup mode to adjust pressure levels for tightening sequence
    • Pause cycle for panel inspection before tightening
    • Double kick of the panel flattener before tightening
  • Operator interface to preset the opening of the clamp using a laser (with Acme screw or fixed position 8'' clamps only)