RLT100 Double Actuated Flattener RLT100 Double Actuated Flattener
RLT100 Loosener Motor RLT100 Loosener Motor
RLT100 Aligned Laser Sensor RLT100 Aligned Laser Sensor
1 year warranty
  • The RLT100 will allow you to boost the productivity of your panel assembly operations of at least 30% while keeping your labor costs under control as operator tasks are limited to loading and unloading panels into the carrier.
  • Features a first ground level moving carriage with a double pneumatic cylinder flattener that flattens the panels and tightens panels while a second carriage is automatically loosening clamps holding panels in the section above the carrier's workstation. 
  • The RLT100's untightening device can have in option a laser sensor to open the clamps for the next required panel width.
  • The clamp carrier SRX in combination with RLT100 can be provided with 8" wide jaw clamps at fixed position. This feature increases the productivity of the operation between 15% and 20% by removing the non-value-added tasks of the operators to move clamps between panel length changes. 
  • Pre-tightening cycle at lower pressure than setting pressure
  • Operator Interface features:
    • Program special clamping sequences with saving capabilities
    • Setup mode to adjust pressure levels for tightening sequence
    • Pause cycle for panel inspection before rotation
    • Double kick of the panel flattener before tightening
  • Operator interface to preset the opening of the clamp using a laser sensor (with Acme screw or fixed position 8'' clamps only)