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1 year warranty

For applications where close tolerances grooving on top or bottom with simultaneously ripping are the primary requirements. 


  • Independent top or bottom spindles - self-powered, independently adjustable spindles which can be mounted on the top or bottom of the saw pass line
  • Manual spindle adjustment with digital electronic readouts for spindle height and lateral positioning
  • Feed systems available with a feed roller design, lug chain for squaring long parts or padded chain for non-marring requirements
  • Hold-down device to ensure proper groove depth
  • Capability to groove on top or bottom during the same passage through the cutting tools
  • According to customer's applications, the sawing width capacity is up to 10', allowing to groove across full width up to 5' x 10' sheet
  • Destacking and stacking systems can be combined for fully automated line when feeding thin panels
  • Brush cleaner with dust collectors following the saw chamber area
  • Hogger units on each side of panel when final sizing is required