FBS Flying Beam Saw View 1 FBS Flying Beam Saw View 1
FBS Flying Beam Saw View 2 FBS Flying Beam Saw View 2

High-speed square cuts across moving panels or materials.  The Flying Beam Saw is working at a production speed from 150 to 200 fpm. Materials are squarely cut across the feed direction by a saw on angled rails.

The beam saw carriage moves along the frame installed, at an angle in the range of 40 to 50 degrees.

A servo motor coupled with a timing belt and pulleys synchronizes the back and forth movement of the saw for each required cut. In order to cut the piece, a motor and spindle saw assembly are located over or under the material. In order to clear the piece on its way back and to pivot away in case of emergency, the motor assembly is mounted on a pivot powered with a pneumatic cylinder.

PLC controls receive encoder signals to determine work piece speed and the timing of the cross cut. Controls can be manual push button with keypad for dimension inputs, or touch screen control. Safety fences along the traveling bar are included with the saw.



  • In addition to the actual motor, a VFD and braking resistance are added to the control panel to stop the saw motor rotation in few seconds


  • In paper lamination or thin soft material applications, saw motor assembly can be replaced by a cutting knife