SRX - Hydraulic Clamp Carrier

Clamp Carriers, model SRX, are the ideal clamping solution for panels, stair components, rails, posts and architectural millwork.
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Clamp carrier
Hydraulic Motor for rotation
Valve for tightening torque calibration
SRX - Clamp carriers
Clamp carriers
Clamp carrier

The Clamp Carrier model SRX includes :

  • Rotative frame according to the required configuration (see Options tab);
  • Hydraulic tightening tool with joystick control, and built-in torque control valve mounted on a sliding carriage moving across the front rest of the clamp carrier;
  • Hydraulic rotation motor and speed reducer with joystick forward/reverse control;
  • Valve for tightening torque calibration relative to material thickness and center to center spacing on clamps (as per pressure charts); for a perfect control over tightening pressure regardless of panel thickness;
  • Panel flattener installed on a sliding carriage with flattering and release commanded by a manual rocking valve, downward force of the panel flattener up to 750 lb;
  • Uses only three foot cubic per minute of compressed air.


  • Clamps 2 ½" or 3 ½" by 32" to 52" opening, standard (acme screw) model, rapid change or at fixed position wide jaw model;
  • 4" or 6" rocker plates for posts or blocks;
  • Hold-down: this accessory consisting of two welded telescopic tubes is designed to be inserted into the clamp above the material; it helps preventing thin stick, ¾" or less, from popping-up while under pressure;
  • For added productivity and flexibility, SRX are available with the Robotic Operator, model RT100  the Robotic Loosener, model RL100 or the Twin Robotic Operator, model RLT100;
  • RFID tracking device to follow and link it to your database for quality control validation.

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