AP Automatic Panel Feeder

The AP Automatic Panel Feeder speeds up and facilitates material placement onto the front table of any finishing machine such as a panel saw or a sander. Teaming-up your advanced production system with a feeding device improves consistency, and helps reduce risk of occupational injuries with handling heavy and cumbersome panels.
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AP Automatic Panel Feeder
AP General View
AP Operation Console
AP Pusher Arm
AP Panel Thickness Selector
AP Automatic Panel Feeder
  • The AP Automatic Panel Feeder is designed to feed panels up to 4 or 5 feet wide by 8, 10, 12 or 16 feet long onto any receiving unit.
  • Feeding from right to left OR from left to right
  • Safety perimeter and controlled access


  • An hydraulic power unit for efficient motorization of the hydraulic lift table and the rollers
  • A 5,000 lb hydraulic lift table with a roller conveyor. Three rollers are motorized; rollers are at 15" center to center
  • An electric motorized pusher arm with longitudinal control for stroke length and vertical control for the desired number of panels to be fed
  • A rubber coated motorized roller to complete panel transfer onto the table
  • A control panel with PLC controller featuring a panel thickness selector (for up to 4 different thicknesses), a selector for the number of panels to be fed per feeding cycle, and a counter adding up the number of panels fed through. All operations can be performed in manual or automatic mode, as desired
  • An input in the PLC is prepared for "Authorization to feed" to insure the next machine is in operation before pushing a panel
  • Automatic infeed transfer chains for panel bundle in reserve in high speed production lines
  • Pusher arm equipped with vacuum cup prehension system

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