BTWB3 for Wide Belt Sanders

BTWB3 Return Conveyors combined the fast, simple and highly effective belt transfer system that makes it the perfect companion for your wide belt sander.

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Built around a modular frame, BTWB3 Return Conveyors are available in 5 roller length models. All models incorporate the fast, simple and highly effective belt transfer system as follows.


  • Its receiving rollers are equipped with a down stroke mechanism that is activated by detection of the trailing end of the panels exiting the equipment
  • Transfer belts nested in between the rollers are used to side-shift product to a set of motorized rollers parallel to your equipment
  • Once the panels have cleared the reception area, the receiving rollers return to their upper position ready to receive the next panel
  • Its standard receiving and return conveyor lengths are 5' and 15' respectively. Both sets of rollers can be extended to suit your application.


  • A motorized self-adjustment feature is allowed to automatically re-set the receiving conveyor's pass height while the table height on the sander is adjustable by the operator. The basic adjustment provides for 2" between the lowest and highest heights.


  • An optional staging table allows the operator to stage several parts at a time and to create a manageable work flow.

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