Feedback for Shapers-Sanders

Feedback Return Conveyors are designed to handle the fast pace of end-to-end feeding on Shapers/Sanders and Edge Foilers. Suiteble for all models and feed rates.

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Feedback Return Conveyor
Feedback for Shapers-Sanders
Feedback Return Conveyor

Specially design to handle the fast pace of end-to-end feeding on Shapers/Sanders and Edge Foilers, Doucet Feedback Return Conveyors will give you the leading edge in today's competitive environment.

  • Feature 24" or 36" wide receiving modules and return conveyors ;
  • Standard module length is 36" or 60", return length is proportionate to the length of the machine.


  1. Feed rollers, driven by a variable speed motor, guide the part onto the receiving module.
  2. A set of top rollers issues a smooth transfer on the receiving module. Pieces entering the receiving table are supported by an adjustable ledge in the continuation of the reference fence.
  3. Polymer belts side-shift the panels to the return rollers quickly and efficiently.
  4. The return rollers are individually driven by welded urethane belts. These rollers are 2 inches lower than the pass height of the shaper, so parts can travel in opposite directions without interference.
  5. The transfer process occurs on a continuous basis, eliminating functional limitations typical of return devices with multiple "cycle" steps.
  • Features 24" or 36" wide return conveyors ;
  • Inclined return conveyor length including quick release disconnect on caster mounting for Unique Shape and Sand, model 4522 or 4524 with squaring table option.

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