Retyx - Intelligent Panel Return Conveyor System

The RETYX, an articulated arm with vacuum grip, automates the handling of the panels at the infeed and outfeed of your edgebander. With similar features than a typical return conveyor, it has the advantage of presenting the parts in the right orientation for the next pass, allows automatic stacking and unstacking in the areas provided for this purpose.

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Intelligent Panel return conveyor system
Intelligent Panel return conveyor system
  • Vacuum grip manipulator
  • 40'' vertical and 120'' horizontal translation or stroke or movement
  • Rotation from minus 90 to plus 180 degrees
  • Receiving conveyor with 6 motorized belts 9' long including motorized infeed arms to interface with the edgebander
  • 36'' wide belt return conveyor with length adjusted according to edgebander
  • A 60" x 36" air table with pneumatically activated up/down mechanism to receive the panel at the exit of the belt conveyor
  • One 24" x 36" feeding air table, fixed height

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