ALYX - Automatic loader

ALYX is an automated loader system for high volume gluing application, panel preparation and loading and unloading of the Clamp Carrier.
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The ALYX Automatic Loader for the Clamp Carrier is divided into several sections.

  • MFE-150 Lateral Chain Feeder
    • The Lateral Chain Feeder receives the slats and guides each piece through the glue application device.
  • Glue Applicator with Measuring System
    • The Width Measuring Device calculates the width of the slats moving along it in order to detect the last slat that will not receive glue, therefore creating a dry joint in the panel. Otherwise, the slats are edge glued by an extruder. A UV sensor follows the extruder to detect the UV additive in the glue and emits a warning to the operator if no glue is detected. Customer could expect saving on glue consumption as injection glue typically requires less glue than roller type application by 20% to 30%.
  • Panel Forming Zone
    • All slats exiting the glue applicator are guided toward a transfer mechanism that then side-shifts the slats one against the other until the panel has reached its desired width.
  • Panel Accumulation Conveyor
    • As soon as the first panel is completed, a holder moves the panel in order to allow assembly of the second panel.
    • The holders move the panels along the conveyor towards the Clamp Carrier.
  • Two-Axis Automatic Loader
    • The loading arms move between the clamps of the carrier in order to unload the dry panel on the exit conveyor, and then load the new glued panels into the clamps. Movement of the automatic loader is synchronized with the clamp carrier's sequence so that loading and unloading the Clamp Carrier is made while the clamps are in horizontal position.
  • Motorized Exit Conveyor
    • To remove the dry panels from the loading area.

Its modular conception allows it to be added to your existing Clamp Carrier or to integrate it to a new SRX Clamp Carrier with RLT100.

  • MANYX Destacker
  • RFID Tracking device option to track work in progress into the clamp carrier for quality control validation

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