CCS Cover CenterCut Saw

The CCS allows to cut the cover at desired length.
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CCS - Cover CenterCut Saw
CCS - Centercut Saw Blade
CCS - Cover in Centercut Saw
CCS - Central Cut of Cover
CCS - Guard Open
CCS - Cover CenterCut Saw

Casket top moves into the saw until the bridge or top desk component hits the reference stop. This reference stop moves up/down to allow casket top to pass over after the cutting cycle. When in place, a side pusher aligns the casket top along the lateral references to insure a straight cut across the width. When ready, the cutting cycle starts by pressing down the piece with top hold-down as the saw blade is making a linear motion across the width.


  • Roller Conveyor, 36'' wide by 7.5' long
  • Fixed lateral fencing along the roller conveyor
  • Pneumatic reference stopper
  • Saw carriage is powered by electric motor with timing belt
  • Options available upon request

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