2017 Scholarship Winners

October 20 2017

2017 Scholarship Winners

Mr. Pascal Doucet, Secretary-Treasurer of the Woodworking Machinery Indusrtry Association (WMIA) and co-owner of Doucet Machineries Inc., presented two $ 500 scholarships to two students from the National School of Furniture and Cabinetmaking.

WMIA Myriam Lefèbvre

WMIA Pier-Anne Mercier










Myriam Lefèbvre   Victoriaville college                                       Pier-Anne Mercier   Montréal college

WMIA is a North American association of manufacturers and distributors of equipment used in the woodworking industry. The scholarships are used to encourage student retention for students who have a desire to pursue a career in woodworking.The WMIA offers more than $ 30,000 of scholarship across America.

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