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Feedback for Shapers-Sanders

Specially design to handle the fast pace of end-to-end feeding on Shapers/Sanders and Edge Foilers, Doucet Feedback Return Conveyors will give you the leading edge in today's competitive environment.

  • Available in right or left hand return configuration
  • Feature 24 or 36 inches wide receiving modules and return conveyors
  • Standard module length is 36 or 60 inches, return length is proportionate to the length of your machine
  • Power requirement is 110 volts - single phase - 15 amps service, no compressed air is required
  • PVC Rollers are individually driven by welded urethane belts 

Operating principle 

  1. CaractéristiquesFeed rollers, driven by a variable speed motor, guide the part onto the receiving module
  2. A set of top rollers issues a smooth transfer on the receiving module. Pieces entering the receiving table are supported by an ajustable ledge in the continuation of the reference fence.
  3. Polymer belts side shift the panels to the return rollers quickly and efficiently
  4. The return rollers are individually driven by welded urethane belts. These rollers are 2 inches lower than the pass height of the shaper, so parts can travel in opposite directions without interference.
  5. The transfer process occurs on a continuous basis, eliminating functional limitations typical of return devices with multiple "cycle" steps.
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