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BT3 for Edgebander

  •  A PT-90 Panel Turner to return long rectangular panels lengthwise rather after finishing of their narrow side. Available on all models, this device simplifies processing short sides on long and narrow panels. The panels are turned 90° as part of the transfer process between the receiving and return rollers, thus eliminating panel overhang :

PT90 Panel Turner


  • Panel Deviator : to redeploy narrow parts over several rollers :Déviateur de panneaux en opération


  • Air Table
    Air Table
  • Additional receiving table length: 2', 4' or 7, up to a total length of 7', 9', 12'
  • Additional return length, proportional to your equipment available per foot increments
  • Additional transfer width available per foot increments
  • Set of 3 additional transfer belts, for heavier panel application
  • Main module on caster mounting
  • Quick release disconnect on caster mounting for return section
  • Motorized infeed arms
  • Panel Accumulation mode on return rollers
  • Angular Return Section
  • Heavy Duty Models for application where panels exceeding 200 pounds
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