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EZYPAC 200 Automated Nesting Module

Nesting is by far the most labor intensive task in any flooring mill. Nesting automation offers tremendous opportunities savings opportunities. Up until now there was nothing in between manned Ergonomic Nesting Stations and a Fully Automated System. To fill the void in the marketplace, Doucet has developed the EZYPAC 200 Nesting Module.

Derived from the large scale integrated system, the EZYPAC 200 is offered as modular stations designed to handle your high volume grades automatically:

  • Each station handles one grade
  • Picks and places approximately 25 boards per minute
  • Packaged in a surprisingly small footprint
  • Single and Multiple EZYPAC 200 Nesters can be combined with manned EZYPAC 100 Ergonomic Nesting System, handling low volume grades and overflow 

The EZYPAC 200 features:

  • Dedicated infeed conveyor to the vertical board charger
  • 3-axis linear positioner forming rows by placing boards end-to-end
  • Up to 9 rows can be formed simultaneously
  • "Opti-sizer" software tabulating row, panel and bundle footage
  • Quick step row even-ender
  • Automatic panel and bundle former
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