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ENS Grading & Nesting Systems

Grading and Nesting Systems: speeding-up packaging by minimizing unproductive motions.

  •  Upon exiting your End-Matcher, Flooring is kept good face up in exit sequence
  • "Select Grade" Flooring is allowed to pass through without intervention
  • Lower volume Grades and "Re-Work" are retrieved by the grader(s)
  • Nesters retrieve flooring from a Reserve Belt for assembling their Bundle on a pneumatically retractable Nesting Platform
  • A Belt Transfer Device evacuates completed Bundles
  • A Collision Avoidance System regulates Bundle Traffic all the way to the Strapping Machines
  • On expanded Systems, strapping of all Bundles and of stacking of "Select Flooring" is done automatically, and production data is collected in the process

Basic Grading and Nesting solution includes

  • A Grading Conveyor for visual inspection of Flooring exiting the End-Matcher
  • Three Conveyor Belts, one for each Flooring Grade
  • Four Ergonomic Nesting Stations ENS with their Reserve Belts
  • A transit line and a Staging Conveyor for Nested Byndles
  • A PLC to regulate Flooring Volume distribution and Nested Bundle Transit
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