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MF Lateral Chain Feeder for Moulders

The Doucet Lateral Chain Feeder Model MF is designed for continuous feed up to 300 feet per minute of fixed or random length pieces into a moulder or a rip saw.


  • On the feed table, boards are automatically placed along the feed line by perpendicular strands of C2060 chains.
  • A pneumatic system retracts chain carriage when the feeder is filled to capacity thus preventing unnecessary friction on material.
  • Boards are automatically driven in sequence by four hydraulically powered rolls, two top side and two under side.

Standard Features

  • 36 inch feed table length
  • Standard working height 32" to 36"
  • Moulding length capacity 18"' to 7', 10', 16' or 20' according to model selection
  • Individual hydraulic motors for the two top drive rolls and one motor for both bottom rolls and one motor for both bottom rolls
  • Easy to access thickness adjustment at the front of the feeder
  • Easy speed adjustments for fed and chain speed, by hydraulic flow control valves
  • Interface relay to stop feeder when moulder is stopped
  • Adjustable fence (3/8")
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