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Why Choose Doucet

The Doucet Advantage

When making a machinery purchasing decision, you have to compare and decide what is best for you. We at Doucet are proud to offer you the peace of mind that comes with sturdy industrial products, built for years of trouble free operation. If you are looking for a Return Conveyor, a Panel Inverter System, a Feeder / Stacker System, a Clamp Carrier, a Door Clamp, a Drawer Assembly System, a Glue Applicator, or a Customized Material Handling System, you are definitely at the right place.

A Tradition

Founded in 1974, Doucet Machineries Inc. is providing a wide range of value-added machinery solutions for the woodworking industry. All our equipment is designed, built and our customers supported by our dedicated workforce in Daveluyville, Quebec, Canada. Our day-to-day efforts are backed by an extensive network of Machinery Distributors throughout North-America.

Design Philosophy

While some manufacturers focus design on "cost optimized" solutions, Doucet's own guiding principle is to develop and market products that are user friendly, durable and that will remain serviceable throughout their useful life. We offer a broad variety of platforms and models, designed to suit your application very precisely. Most of our equipments are "built-to-order", in just a few weeks, allowing you to adopt the most efficient return solution with the smallest possible footprint.

Service and Parts

With this commitment, you can rest assured that we have made the right component choices to offer you more uptime than anyone else in our industry. In the unlikely event where you need critical parts, these are shipped UPS overnight every afternoon.

Thank you very much for considering the purchase of a Doucet Material Handling System. Do not hesitate to contact us at 1-866-673-8876 or at 819 367-2633 to learn how Doucet can help you automate your manufacturing process.

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