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New Project: Custom Stroke Sander / Polisher for metal sculpting

We invite you to visit our Website and see our latest project:

Highly specialized custom stroke sander / polisher for metal sculpting designed for

Jonathan Prince Studio of Southfield, MA.

Jonathan Prince photo 2 Jonathan Prince- oeuvre d'art

In November of 2012, Doucet Distributor Mr. Dick Akins of Akins Machinery Inc. received a call from Jonathan Prince Studio looking for a used stroke sander. The details regarding the applications of the customer quickly revealed that the solution to the Studio's needs was not available used, nor would it be an off the shelf, new machine. This customer was asking for something special that Akins Machinery had not sold or seen before. Mr. Dick Akins quotes: "There are many manufacturers out there that can supply a basic stroke sander. But only Doucet Machineries came to mind to us for a specialized solution to fit the customer's specific needs". This is when Mr. Jonathan Prince was introduced to Mr. Pascal Doucet

To read more about this project, use the following web link: Custom Stroke Sander/Polisher for metal sculpting.

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