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New Product: APV Panel Feeder / Stacker

We invite you to visit our Website and see our new product:

APV Panel Feeder / Stacker

Moving Arm with suction cups

Doucet Machineries Inc. offers another new innovative and price competitive solution for feeding and off-loading your panels.

If you have the need to feed panels into a line such as for finishing, glue up pressing, and sanding, or you need a solution to catch panels at the end of production and restack them. The new APV Panel Feeder / Stacker may be the solution for you. This system has been designed to mount at the end of a standard conveyor, and when triggered it will reach across and grab the next available panel in a stack pulling it forward and into the feed of the production line. This system is also used at the end of the line and can be triggered to pull exiting panels off of a production line and onto a stack. The system requires no expensive vacuum pump for most applications, as it uses a venturi system driven by compressed air.

As shown in the linked video, the APV Panel Feeder / Stacker combined with automated lift tables, makes a simple yet effective solution for feeding and positioning parts. This new design allows for a great deal of potential solutions for custom applications as well. It can be designed around your need specifically.

Use the following link to see all details: APV Panel Feeder / Stacker

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