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New Option on End-Matchers & Fingerjointers

We invite you to visit our Website and see our new option:

Automatic Positioner

Automatic Positioner

Doucet introduces new "automatic positioning feature" for users of the SPFM & GPS End-matchers and DJ Fingerjointers.

For users currently manually positioning parts for end trimming, this new system is designed to eliminate unnecessary labor.

Owners of the Doucet SPFM and GPS end-matching platforms with incorporated trim saws have a new feature available to them further reduce application labor requirements. The Automatic Positioner system reads marks placed on the part (by printer or manual placement) and mechanically positions the part correctly and precisely in front of the trim saw blades. This system can eliminate the need for two or more persons in the labor force that currently do this process manually. When teamed up with the Doucet Marking Station, this process quickly marks a new level of efficiency, raising the bar on future production capacities and labor force requirements. Select the links below to see more details on this feature, or to see the "automated flooring line" (previously featured) in action, using this great new technology.

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