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Downsview Kitchens visits Doucet

Downsview Kitchens visits Doucet to approve its new RDM 8 section Door Clamp.

Downsview Kitchens

On December the 6th, Doucet was visited by Mr. Thamer Youssif (left) of Downsview Kitchens. The customer purchased their second RDM clamping system and was visiting to review the product. Downsview has multiple Doucet products including return conveyors for their production. Also visiting with the customer was Mr. Marc Proulx from Normand Woodworking Machinery (right), and Mr. Paul Goulet of Doucet (center).

While in review of the product, Mr. Youssif requested some special modifications to this unit for the handling of MDF Doors. Due to the material the customer felt the need for a solution that would allow him to have different clamping pressure pre-set for MDF and Hardwood materials. A new selector has been added on each clamping section to allow a choice when loading the clamp.

After their visit and these minor requests, the product has been given a thumb up by the customer for service. The new RDM 8 section clamping system has three RDM-TM sections with a 28" x 120" capacity and 5 RDM2-TM sections with split capacity for two 28" x 50" areas in each section.

Doucet greatly appreciates our customers additional input regarding their special needs, and after reviewing the function of these changes, plans to make this new feature available as option to all of our customers.

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