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Doucet invites customers to see Stacking Technology

New Efficiency and Stacking Technology Doucet Machineries Invites Customers to See


Doucet has been contracted to build a new compact and highly efficient grading line and you are invited to see it. In simple terms the line includes special grading stations to divert product efficiently into multiple "flexible" work flows. The line can be quickly changed to handle grades of various lengths in a single flow, or to split the flow on the main line. Graded parts are mini-bundled into groups and strapped, then packaged into pallets to be shipped. A secondary line takes third grade materials to be trimmed and milled for special purposes, and palletizes them. This system will be in testing phases from May 7th to May 18th and we would enjoy showing it to interested customers.

Key features of this line are:

  • Reduced personnel through efficient material handling
  • Workflow that is adjustable and flexible
  • Multiple automated stacking and packaging systems
    • MANYX Stacker/Destacker
    • Modular Stacker with adjustable positions and multiple outputs
  • New specialized trim saw systems that reduce floor space yet increase flexibility of the line


Contact Doucet or your local distributor to set up an appointment today...

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