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High Volume Capacity Clamp Carrier

Year: 2017
Application: Engineered Wood Products

Ready to invest in the modernization of their gluing equipment, Giguère & Morin was looking for equipment that would reduce labor costs while increasing production efficiency. Without hesitation, they opted for Doucet Machineries's SRX and RLT100.

DOUCET TWIN ROBOTIC OPERATOR - model RLT100 is the new generation of clamp carrier for high volume applications. The RLT100 allows your company to boost the productivity of your panel assembly operation while keeping your labor cost under control as operator tasks are limited to load and unload the panels into the carrier. All others tasks are fully automated.

The SRX Clamp Carrier includes a new 8" wide clamp model in fixed position, allowing a significant increase in productivity by removing the task of moving clamps.

After just a few weeks of fabrication of laminated panels for the residential furniture and restaurant sectors, Mr. Marco Morin confirmed a gain of more than 30% in production efficiency as well a superior bonding quality and a reduction in physical fatigue previously experienced by employees.

We share with you a quote from Mr. Marco Morin: "Doucet Machineries Inc. has listened to our needs and offered us uncompromising solutions within a more than reasonable timeframe."

Giguère & Morin is an important manufacturer of customized wood components. Founded in 1968 in Saint-Félix-de-Kingsey by Mr. Paul-Émile Giguère, the company started modestly until its association with Mr. Clément Morin in 1980. The early 1990's marked the arrival of Mr. Morin's sons, Guy and Marco. This brought a new dynamic to the company which resulted in a period of prosperity and acquisitions.

 Equipments installed at Giguère & Morin are:

- SRX Clamp Carrier 10.5' long by  60 sections with 12 clamps of 8’’ wide at fixed-position per section

- RLT100 Twin Robotic Operator

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