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Automated Hardwood Flooring Line

Year: 2011
Application: Hardwood & Engineering Flooring

Fully automated flooring line runs production up to 400 linear feet per minute with 80% labor savings and more.

Premier Hardwood Products re-defines hardwood flooring production.

In 2010 Premier Hardwood Products of Syracuse New York decided to embark on a voyage to completely change expectations in flooring manufacturing. Their vision: to offer the highest levels of quality in a high volume production facility, while minimizing operation costs with a fully automated manufacturing system. Their primary goals were to:

  • Increase raw material yield by 6 to 10%
  • Raise production capacity by 20 to 35%
  • Reduce labor costs by 70 to 80%
  • Advanced systems Integration to Premier to achieve the highest quality standards

In order to accomplish the above expectations, the automated line needs to meet several production requirements.

  • Maintain a continuous flow up to 425 feet per minute.
  • Use advanced vision systems to analyse flooring blanks and determine all downstream operations
    • To remove defective segments
    • To optimize the grading to both Industry and Premier's standards
  • Manage the flow of material throughout the entire line
  • Execute cutting lists
  • End-Match and validate quality
  • Assemble nested bundles of flooring automatically, at up to 6 units per minute
  • Palletize bundles automatically

Doucet entered into partnership with two Quebec based companies EBI Electric, and Industries PHL to obtain the complete range engineering knowledge required. All parties eagerly enlisted to join this great challenge and have now commissioned the most advanced automated flooring line in the industry today. EBI developed all systems for material scanning, video applications, and integrated software. PHL's support to the project is seen in their advanced high speed automated nesting system.

The majority of manufacturing and handling equipment that was supplied by Doucet to meet and or exceed the requirements were:

  • Fully automated material loading system
  • Automated pallet infeed
  • MANYX two axis vacuum de-stacker
  • Automatic block feeder system
  • High speed switching systems regulating material flow beyond the scanner system
  • "In-motion" Crosscut Saw
  • Multiple feeders for end-matching application to include
  • Ballistic feeder operating at up to 120 pieces per minute handling the components from crosscut saw
  • Two auxiliary servo-controlled feeders operating up to 70 pieces per minute
  • A GPS-120 end-matcher and supporting handling equipment designed to manage up to 180 floor boards per minute with robotized trimming systems and a quality control inspection station
  • A multiple bin index table directing material flow to the PHL nester system
  • An automatic banding system and an automatic palletizing system beyond the PHL nester

The vision has been realized and the challenges met. This facility is now operating with a minimal workforce of approximately 10 operators. A new level of production efficiency has now been achieved through this unprecedented team collaboration.

New technological advancements to the production of flooring have now been realized for the future of the industry. This is due to the high level of innovation and efficiency in this project. For this reason, the Manufacturing partnership has also received recognition from the Quebec Government and Regional Chamber of Commerce in both grants and award entries. Premier Hardwoods has received "Innovator of the Year 2012" Wooden Globe Award by the Woodworking Machinery Industry Association (WMIA).

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