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Cutting Edge Solutions for the Woodworking Industry
January 2019


The TWIN ROBOTIC OPERATOR - model RLT100 is the new generation of clamp carrier for high volume applications. The RLT100 will allow you to boost the productivity of your panel assembly operation at least 30% while keeping your labor cost under control as operator tasks are limited to load and unload panels into the carrier. 

The RLT100 untightening device could have in option,    RLT100 Aligned Laser Sensor
an operator interface to pre-set the opening of the clamp using a laser sensor for the next
required panel width which has been keyed in
the HMI by the operator.

Also available on RT100 and RL100. (with acme screw or fixed position 8'' clamps)

The RT100 and RLT100 tightening devices could have as options,

  • The operator interface:
    • Program special clamping sequences with saving capabilities
    • Setup mode to adjust pressure levels for tightening sequence
    • With pause cycle for panel inspection before rotating
    • Double kick of the panel flattener before tightening
  •  Pre-tightening cycle at lower pressure than setting pressure

RT100 Operator InterfaceRT100 Operator Interface - P2


The SRX Clamp Carrier can be provided with
              RLT100 Double Actuated Flattener
8'' wide jaw clamps at fixed position.

This feature increases the productivity of the
operation by 15 to 20% by removing the
non-value-added tasks of the operators to move
clamps between panel length changes. 

The ALYX – Automatic Loading Mechanism for Clamp Carrier featuring.

  • Stave Lateral Chain Feeder MFE-150 (MANYX in option)
  • Glue Application and Measurement Zone
  • Panel Forming Zone
  • Load Accumulation Roller Conveyor
  • Two-Axis Automatic Loading Device
  • Dry panel Exit Roller Conveyor

The use of an extruder instead of the glue roll in the Glue Application Zone will save 20% to 30% of glue. UV sensor follows extruder to detect UV marker in the glue and advises with warning to operator if no glue is detected.

 Click here to see video of the ALYX.

Should you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 1-866-673-8876 or by email at

RLT100 Twin Robotic Operator SRX Hydraulic Clamp Carrier ALYX - Automatic loader
RLT100 Twin Robotic Operator SRX Hydraulic Clamp Carrier ALYX - Automatic loader
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