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APP Automatic Stroke Polisher for Metal Plate

APP automatIC stroke polisher for metal PLATE

The operator loads the sheet over a fixed table using handling devices, then sets the height depending on the thickness of material, and activates the polishing cycle. Then the machine moves the metal sheet over to the homing position. The carriage with its polishing wheel will then start to stroke along the length of the sheet. As the polishing carriage continues multiple strokes, the polisher moves laterally along the width axis of the sheet to polish the full surface. When the sheet is completely polished, the machine and carriage return to home position and wait for the next cycle to start. It would be possible for the operator to make more than one pass per cycle if required.


  • Sanding capacity is 12' wide x 12' long
  • Fixed table up tp 8,000 lbs capacity
  • Polisher unit is moving along rails on the width axis, powered by electric motor with variable speed. Travel speed varies between 0,25 to 22 fpm
  • Motorized vertical adjustment of the polisher, powered by electric motor
  • Polishing carriage with adjustable hold down pressure cylinder, powered along the length axis by electric motor with variable speed. The stroke is adjustable depending on metal sheet length 
  • Abrasive belt powered by a 7.5 HP electric motor at variable speed between 3300 and 6300 fpm
  • Pneumatic belt tensioner with linear guides


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